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Just because you have a boat, does not imply that you can sail. You need to prepare yourself and your team for that.

Why Agile Transformations Fail — Reason #1

This article is part of a 13-piece blog series published by Verena Zoehrer, innovation consultant at viable — innovation consulting and rapid prototyping.

  • “There is only one reason (why companies fail), it is always about the culture. That is the main point why it fails. And that will always fail. (…) This is not about setting up any processes and introducing frameworks. That’s why I want to avoid the word implementation, because you can’t implement a culture, it needs to grow or mature. You have to water it.”
  • “If you don’t live this from a cultural point of view, then you can only dance the rituals that you have seen somewhere, but that won’t help.”
  • “I can implement a different organizational form or structure, and still live the same values which are visible through my behavior. But the change does not work, and that happens very often.”
  • “The framework is not the point. It is actually the culture, how we work together. And this is for me the biggest problem. Implementing a new framework that´s the easy part and you can do it and you get some results. But if you want to go the next step then you have a problem because people are used to do things a certain way. There are unspoken rules within a company, some cultural barriers for example that you are not challenging your manager, or you are not speaking up. And these are the real problems.”

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